China High Purity Metallic Indium Metal Ingot for Sale

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High Purity Indium
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High purity virgin Indium metal 99.995%, 99.999%, stable quality, different sizes can be customized.
Indium is a soft, ductile, malleable, lustrous metallic metal with silvery white color which is used in the semiconductor industry, in low-melting-point metal alloys such as Lead-free solders.



7.31 g/cm3 at 25°C

Melting point

156.6 °C

Boiling point

2080 °C

Thermal Expansion

(25°C) 32.1 µm·m-1·K-1

Thermal Conductivity

0.818 W/cm/K at 298.2 K

Young's Modulus

11 GPa

Poisson's Ratio


Electrical Resistivity

8.37 microhm-cm at 20 °C


99.995%, 99.999




1. Strict quality control: raw material inspection, production process control and pre-delivery inspection;

2. Low heavy metal: content of Cu, Fe, Pb, Cd, As less than 8ppm;

3. Fast delivery: 2-4 days after PO confirmed for sample;

4. Quality guarantee: If any quality problems, free replacement will be adopted;

5. Technical support: 24 hours technical support by e-mail or calling;

6. Convenient payment: Bank Transfer, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, Alibaba payment.

Quality Standard:

1. Manufactured as per the China National Standard  YS/T 257-2009;

2. Santech test results are superior than the standard.

Indium ingot


Foreign Matter(ppm.wt)
Test Result1.

Application: Used in the semiconductor industry, in low-melting-point metal alloys such as Lead-free solders.


1. Net Weight: approx 1kilo/ingot Inner: plastic bag.

2. Package: 20kgs per wooden case, pallet as required.

high purity indium metal

high purity indium ingot


Santech factory :

pure indium

Process& Testing Center:

high purity indium metal

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