The second Santech Trailwalk


The second Santech Trailwalk


Once again we walked more than thirty kilometers in less than a day. Walking alone is difficult to stick to the end without mutual encouragement and motivation, so companion is very important! When you walk together with positive people, they will cheer for you and remind you that you can do it. We are very happy to meet each other whos full of positive energy at the Santech. Every one of us who reached the destination today, will not give up easily when things go wrong in the future. The biggest harvest today is that our heart is closer, and have a better understanding of the significance of persistence and encouragement!


Integrity, Team, Passion, Compatibility and Compatible! I believe that every one of us at Santech can maintain a smart and upward heart, side by side, refined into steel!

The second Santech Trailwalk

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