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  • The second Santech Trailwalk

    The second Santech Trailwalk

  • Gallium Metal(III)

    Gallium(III) oxide has been studied in the use of lasers, phosphors, and luminescent materials. It has also been used as an insulating barrier in tight junctions.Monoclinic β-Ga2O3 is used in gas sensors and luminescent phosphors and can be applied to dielectric coatings for solar cells. This stable oxide has also shown potential for deep-ultraviolet transparent conductive oxides, and transistor applications.

  • Holiday Notice

    Holiday Notice

  • Tellurium powder from Santech

    Tellurium powder from Santech

  • Japan Nano Tech Exhibition 2017

    Period: February 17-19, 2017 Venue: East Hall 4-6, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan Booth No.:6V-04 1/2, East Hall 5 Organizer: Secretariat of nano tech executive committee c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc. Categories of Exhibits: Materials, Fabrication Technology, Evaluation & Measurement, Areas of Application (Materials, IT & Electronics, Nano Bio, Automobiles, Environment & Energy, Life Sciences, Biomimetics, Robotics, Simulation Software, Wearables, Aerospace, Artificial, Intelligence, Advanced Sensors).

  • Application of Gallium

    Application of Gallium

  • Our Exhibition in Korea - NANO KOREA 2018

    Exhibition: Nano Korea 2018 Date: July, 10th - 13th, 2018 Address: Hall 7~8, KINTEX Center II, Goyang-Si, GyeongGi-do, South Korea. Booth number: E24-D24 Santech Materials participated in NANO KOREA 2018 which was the fifth time for Santech to attend the exhibition in Korea. During the 4 days at NANO KOREA 2018, our nano powder and liquid metal alloy attracted many visitors interests for further discussion. We showed them with our advantages for making the nano powder and applications of the liquid metal alloy, which given them good impression about the technical innovation.

  • Santech Travel to Langshan Mountain

    Last weekend we went to Lanshan Mountain, which is one of China's National Geological Park and famous for its unique Danxia landform. It is located in Xinning county,about 500 kilometers away from Changsha, capital of Hunan province. In the south Langshan Mountain is connected with Guilin, in the north it echoes Zhangjiajie. Climbing mountain is a traditional activity of our company each year, which is a symbol of great businesses and prosperous year. The most impressive spot is Tianyi Lane, also called Sky Line, it looks like one line in sky, it is 238.8 metres in length, the widest of lane is 0.8 meter and the most narrow of lane is 0.33 meter. When walking along the lane you must shudder because everywhere is dark, there is only a light from sky on the stone wall, the colorful ray panorama can be seen above. We are marveled at nature's masterpiece.

  • Gallium Indium Tin

    gallium indium tin from Santech materials

  • Indium tin oxide (ITO)

    Indium tin oxide (ITO) is a ternary composition of indium

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