• The second Santech Trailwalk

    The second Santech Trailwalk

  • Gallium Metal(III)

    Gallium(III) oxide has been studied in the use of lasers, phosphors, and luminescent materials. It has also been used as an insulating barrier in tight junctions.Monoclinic β-Ga2O3 is used in gas sensors and luminescent phosphors and can be applied to dielectric coatings for solar cells. This stable oxide has also shown potential for deep-ultraviolet transparent conductive oxides, and transistor applications.

  • Holiday Notice

    Holiday Notice

  • Tellurium powder from Santech

    Tellurium powder from Santech

  • Japan Nano Tech Exhibition 2017

    Period: February 17-19, 2017 Venue: East Hall 4-6, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan Booth No.:6V-04 1/2, East Hall 5 Organizer: Secretariat of nano tech executive committee c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc. Categories of Exhibits: Materials, Fabrication Technology, Evaluation & Measurement, Areas of Application (Materials, IT & Electronics, Nano Bio, Automobiles, Environment & Energy, Life Sciences, Biomimetics, Robotics, Simulation Software, Wearables, Aerospace, Artificial, Intelligence, Advanced Sensors).

  • Application of Gallium

    Application of Gallium

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